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Special-Needs Dentist in Southlake, TX

Candidly, some dentists don’t feel comfortable working with special-needs patients.  At Giggles and Grins, it’s just the opposite.  And it has been for years…

Comforting. Safe. Anxiety-free.

Dr. Watts has been unwavering in this perspective, from the beginning.  “First of all, we encourage them to come here.  We want them.  And for the best approach in treating them, we take our lead from the parents.  Always.  They give us critical cues on what their triggers are.  How to calm them.  What their favorite toy is.  What time of day to see them.”

Dr. Capeci agrees.  “Years ago in dental school, I had the opportunity to shadow a pediatric who specialized in special-needs patients.  I fell in love with the compassionate care that he gave them.  He managed to meet their medical needs while making them feel as comfortable as possible.  And it was inspiring – and educational — to see how they responded to him as a result.”

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Sedation Dentistry

Especially for special-needs children, sedation alternatives are often helpful — and they’re not found everywhere. “We go through extra steps with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and the Texas State Board to offer these medications,” says Dr.Armstrong.  “As we utilize them, we don’t “put patients to sleep” in our office.  We use just a little bit to take the edge off – it’s soothing, it’s comforting and it’s a great analgesic”

Dr. Watts adds, “It’s about individual care  We don’t want to limit our children to modalities that aren’t going to fit them.  We want to give them as many options as we can, especially if it relieves their anxiety. When we do that, it almost guarantees them a positive experience.  We want them to leave here with a smile!”

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