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Our newest location is now open!

Visit us at our newest location at 1480 Corporate Circle, Suite 200 Southlake, TX. 76092.

Pediatric Dentistry

Comforting care from Board-Certified Specialists.

Every year, it takes extra time, extra study, and extra investment to receive Board Certification.  (It’s why most dentists aren’t.)  We believe your family is worth the comforting care it brings… 

Discover Giggles & Grins

We’ve made “going to the dentist”… fun.

For 30 years, Giggles and Grins has been an imagination destination.  Games, toys, cartoons.  A happy place kids love to visit, every chance they get.

Pediatric Dentistry

Never just a “drill and fill” dentist.

Most of us grew up with dentists who fixed problems we already had.  That means our earliest dental-visit memories were filled with needles and drills.  No fun! Today, there are SO MANY better alternatives.  

For example, if we catch a cavity early, a special resin will limit its growth.  If we get it even earlier, a topical medication will stop it.  Best of all, a mouth swab – when your child is very young — tells us unique ways to treat unique problems.  And that means your kid may never have a cavity.  Ever. 

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Help your child discover independence.

At Giggles and Grins, we use an “open bay” concept that accommodates several children at once.  It takes the fear away because they model each other… they actually encourage each other.  It’s teamwork that makes each of them more independent.

Parents are sometimes a little amazed when their child – as young as three – walks back with one of our trained specialists all by themselves.  And why not?  They find toys, video games, prizes, surprises, all sort of fun experiences just waiting for them. (No wonder they look forward to visiting us again.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom mouthguards:
An ounce of prevention.

It’s always smarter to stop a problem before it happens.  A lot of our kids play contact sports – football, basketball, soccer.  Or they’re bikers, or skateboarders. They may wear a helmet… but that won’t protect their teeth.

In a short appointment, we take a custom impression, and then we let them pick out their favorite design and color.  (Which means they’ll wear them!) Just 24 hours later a one-of-a-kind mouthguard is ready for any sport, any activity.  Preventing an emergency visit if the unexpected happens. 

Preventive Dentistry

Our Team

Sandra Armstrong, DDS

Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Amy Watts, DDS, MS

Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Alexis Capeci, DDS, MS

Board-Eligible Pediatric Dentist

Listen to the parents who come here

The families who come to Giggles and Grins become like family to us. We see their kids when they’re very young. We watch them grow up. And occasionally, we meet the next generation!

But don’t take our word for it. The best recommendation comes from the people who walk through the door. You’ve never been here? Curious about what that experience might be like? Click the arrow and hear – spontaneous, candid, unrehearsed – why some of our long-term moms have kept coming back.

What Parents Have to Say

“Giggles and Grins is so important to my family that I drive an hour and a half to get here. Two of my children are special needs, and they cater to them... individually. I would say to anybody: try it one time. Because you’ll never stop coming here after that.”

– Dana

“From the first day we came here, I loved everything about this office. It was just a no-brainer. If there's anything you need after hours, they have answers for you. It’s 24/7 care, really. I've told a lot of people about this place: they make it smooth and they make it fun."
– Ashley


COVID-19 Update

Our office has always exceeded the guidelines for infection control, and we will expand those practices for infection control as we continue to combat COVID-19. As we initiate our schedule, we are requesting that when you arrive in our parking lot, please call us so that we may come to your car and retrieve information from you regarding your child’s appointment. We will have signs posted outside the entrance with the phone number for you to call upon your arrival.

Your family’s health is our biggest concern. We will be asking those with high risk factors to wait before scheduling. Your understanding as we rework our schedule to accommodate all of you means the world to us.

Above all else, we are so excited to see you again and look forward to your arrival at our office. Together, we can make this the best appointment EVER!!

We have missed you and your children’s sweet smiling faces!


Dr. Sandra Armstrong, Dr. Amy Watts, Dr. Alexis Capeci and Staff

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