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Dentistry for Teenagers in Southlake, TX

Sometimes, teenagers encounter new challenges as they mature.  They’re more concerned about how they look.  They play a lot more sports.  So we change right along with them…

Growing up with G&G

Why would a parent bring their teenage child to Giggles and Grins?  Dr. Watts has a theory: “Our Board Certification – the extra tests, the extra training – helps us provide the highest level of care.  Honestly, we push ourselves to be the best… and I think parents understand and appreciate that.”

To Dr. Armstrong, it’s about forging a lasting connection.  “After a few years, we’re family.  I get graduation invitations and wedding invitations from patients that I saw when they were a year old!  That trust doesn’t stop – we now have second-generation patients who bring their babies to us.  I can’t believe I’m that old… but it’s an emotional experience.”

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Multiple Opinions

Since dental program that can last for years, parents depend on Giggles and Grins to provide the best evolving treatment for their kids.  

According to Dr. Watts, “After every visit, each patient gets multiple dental opinions from our team.  We talk over different possibilities, discuss new methods, pull different perspectives from our individual training.”

The result is a consensus of many minds.  Every child benefits from the cumulative wisdom of Giggles and Grins doctors.  And the decades of experience behind them.

Sports Protection

Increased athletic activity means an increased chance of injury – in contact sports, especially.  “In football, mouthguards are mandatory, but in baseball and basketball… usually not”, Dr. Armstrong says.  “The trick is making a mouthguard that your kid will actually want to wear”

“Our approach is unique.  We offer different colors – orange, blue, lime green and others.  Patients choose a favorite style. Then we take an impression of their teeth for a perfect fit.  The whole process is very quick… a custom mouthpiece in 24 hours.

“Remember, they designed it.  So they’re more likely to wear it.”

Problems and Solutions

COVID-19 Update

Our office has always exceeded the guidelines for infection control, and we will expand those practices for infection control as we continue to combat COVID-19. As we initiate our schedule, we are requesting that when you arrive in our parking lot, please call us so that we may come to your car and retrieve information from you regarding your child’s appointment. We will have signs posted outside the entrance with the phone number for you to call upon your arrival.

Your family’s health is our biggest concern. We will be asking those with high risk factors to wait before scheduling. Your understanding as we rework our schedule to accommodate all of you means the world to us.

Above all else, we are so excited to see you again and look forward to your arrival at our office. Together, we can make this the best appointment EVER!!

We have missed you and your children’s sweet smiling faces!


Dr. Sandra Armstrong, Dr. Amy Watts, Dr. Alexis Capeci and Staff

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